For WWE Superstar Damian Priest, the dream WrestleMania moment will be one in which he takes the World Title after defeating The Undertaker. Since last year, Priest has been one of the company’s most-loved superstars, and the United States Championship has played a key role in this. However, he has recently turned heel after losing his title on Raw.

During a recent interview, Priest was asked about his dream WrestleMania moment and during this time his answer was worth listening to.

Priest said, “If it were in any other era, my dream moment would be to see The Undertaker lying next to him with the title on his shoulder. Obviously he is my idol and I respect him a lot. It would be special to be able to have a moment with him at WrestleMania and go on to win a big title.

Deadman is already retired, so Priest’s wish doesn’t seem to come true. However, it is something to be commended that despite being in modern times, he has chosen a legend like The Undertaker for the World Championship.

The Undertaker has helped Damien Priest in WWE

Damien Priest and The Undertaker aren’t too tempted to identify with each other. During a visit to the Performance Center, Undertaker gave Priest some tips.

Recalling him, Priest said, I had the opportunity to work with him in the ring and I learned a lot. Taking position in the ring, seeing, sensing things, being aware of things around you and he makes these things very easy. Even though it sounds simple, but he has the gift that whatever he does has some meaning. In fact, I got a lot from them.

The speed at which Priest is progressing in WWE clearly shows that he is on the right track. If he stays like this, he can have a very good future in the company.

Edited by Mayank Mehta

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